Thursday, March 20, 2014

30 min a day of drawing

So I'm going to challenge myself to become better at drawing in photoshop, so what I've decided to do was a simple exercise where I draw a comic page for 30 minutes each day and see what will happen. I will only give myself 30 minutes cause this way I can't fiddle around with the tablet and keep second guessing a line. Also, I've been wanting to finish/start this comic for some time.

I did have one version started on real paper but it didn't get anywhere and I kinda abandoned the project; but I really would like to revisit it. So good subject matter and this way I'll actually get some work posted here.
I will try to do this for one month, cause I have the time now, as aposed to in a month so. here goes:

First, I estalished the look of the characters. At least their basic shape and form. I will probably play around with them a bit more but here they are:
You have your hero, the mentor/guide, and the trickster/rogue. Conflict is set in the story, basic man vs self. With the occasional man vs man and man vs nature.

These are rough cause I did them in 30 minutes and it is going to continue to be rough especially since I'm not hugely comfortable drawing with the tablet.

In any case, here I go.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

IF- Beginning

So I started this image on my new computer and I was super excited it cause it will be my first completed art piece on the new machine. Well, something wasn't calibrated right and after two hours of work the program (photoshop) crashed. Of course I didn't save my progress so all that work, gone. So of course I did the sensible thing and gave up. But I am not a quitter and so I tackled the project anew and finished it. Bwahaha I win! That and I figured out why the program crashed and fixed it, so turns out it was a good thing cause if I had started any of my other 'real' projects I would have done something not sensible like through my new computer across the room.

So things turned out for the best and here is the image for Illustration Friday:

Thursday, November 7, 2013

More from United RenderWorks

So great news, I received a 50% scholarship to the animation school and so I believe I am on my way. I'll be starting in  March, right after I get back from China.

Life is crazy but it is still fun and pushing forward, saying that I have a few more fun illustrations that I've done for the Rendering Group. I'll post my favorites:

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Inktober and Illustration Friday- Entagled

So I thought I would hit two birds with one stone. I kept seeing these posts about inktober from a few of my friends and I thought it was a great idea, also I haven't participated with Illustration Friday in a while so I thought to do both at the same time.

With inktober, I have to create a new ink drawing daily during the month of October, a little late but it will be fun for at least the next week and a half. So here I go.

Monday, October 14, 2013

United Renderworks - First few jobs

So about a few months ago I started working for an Architectural rendering group where I am given a CAD file and I have to make it look like it was either hand painted or something along those lines to create a better aesthetic feel. The images are later used by architects or building crews to market their business at construction sites. Its been fun so far.

So here are a few of my first few jobs:

Monday, October 7, 2013

Little red riding hood

Sometimes we just have to paint, and to welcome in the Halloween spirit. I got the idea yesterday and I also wanted to give a try at going straight digital. I think it might be a little too mushy but it was fun, I miss the line work though. It was a fun study though and worth the effort.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

VFS Video... and possible future school?

Well, I have great news. Out of much consideration and thought. I applied for the Vancouver Film School's One-year Animation program. I wasn't sure if I could get in; but happy day I DID!!!

Then I was sent the tuition fee for the school and I about fainted. I figured I could just learn on my own with some good animation books but I would totally miss out on the networking and hopefully foot in the market if I don't go.

After voicing my concern with my admissions adviser she told me about the full-tuition scholarship that I could apply for.

Basically we have to choose one line from this Manifesto:

And then create a 90 second video that is inspired from that line. The early-bird deadline is the 15th of September and the final deadline is in October.

Well, I was told about the deadlines about 5 days before the early bird one was due. And at first I thought I couldn't make it to the first one, I didn't have any idea what I would submit or anything. I again talked to my admissions adviser about three days before the 1st deadline and she told me about how I can do anything I want and she was really looking forward to seeing what I create and that I should really try for the early bird deadline. And so I got the crazy idea that it wouldn't hurt to try for it. Mind you, it is two days till the deadline.

So I picked one story that I've been wanting to create and tweeked it to be applicable and I am proud to say I did it. I didn't sleep and I got work off and barely ate, and I am pretty sure I need a shower but it is finished and beautiful.

I hope you all enjoy and please vote for me cause I would like to get the scholarship, if not I will have to find something else to do.

Here is my videa:

In order to vote go to this url:

and hit vote. I would appreciate it soooo soooo much!